How to Hide Telegram Number? How to Hide Number in Telegram

Telegram is such a messaging app in which users get more features than other popular messengers, there are many options like Chat Folder, Chat Setting etc., which make it easy to chat with friends, you must have seen that when you If someone messages on Telegram, then someone’s number is not visible, only his name is visible, because he has put privacy on the number, if you also want to hide your number on Telegram, then how to Hide Telegram Number About it I am going to tell in this article,

As you may know that whenever you chat with your friend or anyone on WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, he also sees your number, but many people do not want to show their number to everyone, so what is Last Seen, Profile Photo Like etc., the privacy of the number can also be selected, no such option is available in WhatsApp Messenger, but the option is available in Telegram.

How to Hide Your Number in Telegram?

If you chat with Online Messaging Apps, then you must know that your number is also visible in some messengers, although you are asked to confirm the number while creating an account in any social media site, but your phone number in all of them. People do not see it, but it is also necessary to hide Telegram number because in this Messenger, when you join any group or channel, then all the members of that group or channel can also see your number,

Therefore, in Telegram, users get the option to set the privacy of the phone number, in this you get the option of Everybody, My Contact and Nobody, in which the option of Everybody remains selected,

So that your number is visible to everyone, if you want to show it only to your contacts, then you can select My Contact in it and you can hide your Telegram number by using the option of Nobody, which is good for your privacy. That is, whenever you join any channel, or join any group, then only your name will be visible to the members there.

How to Hide Telegram Number? How to Hide Number in Telegram

In Telegram Messenger, many options are available in privacy like Last Seen & Online, Profile Photo, Calls and Groups etc., so that you can select who you want to show Last Seen, Online Status etc., similarly to Hide Telegram Number. It also provides an option, the number with which you have registered in Telegram Messenger is visible to all the people, but when you set the privacy in the phone number,

So only your name will be visible to all the people, and as I told that whenever you join any channel, that channel’s members will also see your name only, this is a great feature of telegram so that users can share their You can increase the privacy of the account, and select Privacy in Calls, Groups etc., that is, you can select who can call you on Telegram, and you can add someone to Telegram Group or Channel. You can also select it or not.

How to Hide Telegram Number?

  • You have to open Telegram Messenger in your phone, then click on 3 Line (Menu), then click on Settings option.
  • Notification & Sound, Data Setting, Chat Setting, Chat Folder, Device etc. options will be visible in Telegram Setting, out of which click on the option with Privacy & Security.
  • After this, to hide the Telegram number, click on the Phone option in Privacy.
  • Here you will see the option Who Can See My Phone Number, and 3 options will be seen.

1- Everybody – By selecting this option, your number is visible to all the people,
2- My Contact – If you want to show your number to only those contacts who have in your mobile, then you can select this option.
3- Nobody – After selecting this option, your number will not be visible to anyone.

How to Hide Telegram Number?

  • To Hide Telegram Number, select Nobody option from these 3 options and click on Right Mark.

Conclusion –

How to Hide Telegram Number, Like Telegram, the option to hide the number is not available in WhatsApp, in this, users get only a few options for privacy, while on Telegram users can also set privacy in Forwarded Messages, Calls etc. That is, you can hide Telegram Number from any device on your mobile or desktop, because its Windows and MacOS App is also available so that you can install it on your desktop computer, and use it, and this By following the method mentioned in the article, you can hide your number in Telegram from any device,

In Telegram’s mobile app, users also get the option of Devices, it is similar to WhatsApp’s Linked Devices feature, so you can see the mobile messenger on the desktop i.e. all the messages, photos, videos etc. of Telegram on Telegram Web on desktop. It starts appearing, and a new message arrives on your Telegram account, then that message also appears on the desktop, that is, with this method you do not have to create another account, but only one of your Telegram accounts can be seen in its desktop site. , and can also send messages from Desktop itself and can also create Groups and Channels.

Friends, you must have learned about how to Hide Telegram Number, if you liked this information and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media and keep visiting our site for such new information.

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