How to Turn Google Drive into a Hard Drive on Your Computer with RaiDrive

If you are using Google Drive to store data, then you will probably access it many times a day. Each time you have to open the browser and then proceed to access the website, which is quite time consuming and inconvenient. But today, GDrive.VIP shares with you a simple trick to turn Google Drive into a hard drive on your computer . But the special point is that it does not take up space on the device with RaiDrive software.

Along with cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, many people choose to use it to store data online. And if we regularly use this service, we can turn Google Drive into a drive on the computer, without consuming system space, with the software that links RaiDrive cloud drives.

When creating a Google Drive drive on a computer, users can access stored files without syncing the account to the computer. The file handling operations on Google Drive will be similar to working on a computer, making it easy for everyone. Especially RaiDrive also supports many other storage services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox Box, pCloud, Yandex Disk…

RaiDrive is free software that helps you create Cloud drives right on your computer . Now, inside My Computer / This PC will appear more half drives, next to the commonly used C, D, and E drives. If you are someone who often uses Google Drive or OneDrive to save data, this is a good solution to save on your computer’s hard drive. The operations of copying, moving, and downloading files on the Cloud to the computer are the same as those on the Folder.

RaiDrive – Turn Google Drive into your computer’s own Hard Drive

This is the best way to store yours. RaiDrive creates network disk with Cloud or NAS storage space . You can open, edit and save files with your favorite apps without syncing or browsing.

Download RaiDrive

Download the latest version of RaiDrive | Backup Link 1 | Backup link 2

(Download from Homepage)

In addition, you can use ExpanDrive software to turn Google Drive into a drive on your computer

Need to install additional libraries to support (if not installed):

  • .NET Framework 4.8  or later
  • Visual C++ RedistributableSupported Clouds to create network disks:
  • Google Drive
  • Google Shared drives (Team Drive)Google Photos
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Naver MYBOX
  • Microsoft 365 China
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • pCloud
  • Yandex Disk
  • MEGA
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • NCP
  • Alibaba
  • IBM
  • Wasabi

Supported Protocols

  • WebDAV (+secure)
  • FTP (+secure)
  • SFTP (+ED25519)

How to get a free RaiDrive Pro license key
RaiDrive shares license keys for users because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The promotion period is from now to the end of May 31, you can upgrade to Pro. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: After Downloading and installing RaiDrive in the above step, you go to this link to register an account

Fill in the information and click the Create New Account button , then go to the email confirmation email to click on the refund

Step 2: Then, visit RaiDrive’s Covid-19 page . You choose +1 Session (personal) -> Click on Apple free session(s)

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page and see the Trial package.

Step 4: Open the RaidDrive software installed on your computer and log in with your account. You will see the account upgraded to Pro.

So successful has enabled copyright RaiDrive Professional Edition and

RaiDrive Installation Guide

Once downloaded, run the file [] raidrive-2020-11-30.exe  tick I agree to the License Terms and Conditions . then press INSTALL as shown:

Wait a few seconds, the software will install, click Finish:

Then you open the RaiDrive software and follow the instructions below

How to create a hard drive on a computer with Google Drive

First, you need a Google account (Gmail or Google Drive Unlimited ). Each normal Gmail account will have 15Gb of storage on Google Drive, If you want an unlimited Google Drive account . You will use that same Google Drive to make your own hard drive on your computer.

Access to RaiDrive , select the +Add . button

Next, you choose the type of service you want to create the drive for. I will for example bring Google Drive to a separate drive.

Create a virtual drive of Google Drive personal account 15GB

  • ❷ Storage: ❸ Personal choosing Google Drive
  • In the Drive: Z: section  , in My Computer/This PC, a Z drive will appear   as a map of Google Drive
  • ❹ Google Drive :

.Select My Drive , if you want to create a virtual drive of My Drive
.Select Shared with me , if you want to create a virtual drive of Shared with me
.Select Computers , if you want to create virtual drive of Computer
.Select Shared Link , if you want to create a virtual drive of a specific link

  • ❺ Finally press OK

Create a virtual drive for your Google Drive unlimited or Shared Storage account

Similarly add personal accounts, in step ❸ you click on the tab Business and choose Google Drive

At step ❹, you choose according to your needs:

  • Select My Drive , if you want to create a virtual drive of My Drive
  • Select Shared with me , if you want to create a virtual drive of Shared with me
  • Select Shared drives: if you want to create a virtual drive of Shared Storage
  • Select Computers , if you want to create virtual drive of Computer
  • Select Shared Link , if you want to create a virtual drive of a specific link
  • Finally press OK

You will be redirected to the browser to confirm permission for RaiDrive to access your Google Drive. Proceed to log in to your Google account -> Allow to grant permissions

If the message “The access to Google Drive has been allowed.” then you are successful.

Now go to My Computer/This PC and you will see an additional X: drive. You can perform operations like a normal hard drive. Even watch movies on your Google Drive without downloading.

This is a list of folders, files are arranged as normal Folders on the computer. It’s actually a Folder on Google Drive:

If you have multiple accounts Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox … then Map the drive to RaiDrive will help you save more space for the real hard drive. Currently RaiDrive does not limit the number of Map accounts, so you can use it to create multiple network drives at the same time.

How to erase a Google Drive network hard drive with RaiDrive

If you don’t want to use that network drive and want to remove it from your computer. Open RaiDrive, click the Stop button and select the Delete button

Or if you want to change the configuration of the network drive, select and the Gear-shaped button.

Note: the speed of accessing the Google Drive network drive depends on your home Internet speed.

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