Telegram Premium Features are Leaked!

All special features about the paid subscription of Telegram Premium, famous social media and messaging application, have been leaked in detail.

Telegram Premium, Telegram’s paid subscription leaked for first time! Famous messaging application Telegram, which has been on the rise recently, announced that it was developing a paid subscription months ago. This subscription, which is offered to closed beta for iOS devices and whose future is still unknown, was leaked for first time. In new paid version, there are many extra features, special privileges for Telegram Premium users and more various stickers/emojis. All privileges and more in Telegram Premium subscription are available in article, let’s get started!

What’s New & Special with Telegram Premium?

Telegram had made great progress in 2021. Changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy had directed users to use Telegram. Record that Telegram broke last year with reaching 500 million users proves this. This year, it has been decided to launch a new paid subscription under Telegram Premium name.

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium subscription, which is offered to closed beta for iOS users, hasn’t met users yet. However, the leaked content we have reveals all subscription privileges. There are many special features such as more channel-chat and account capacity, increased upload limit and unlimited upload/download speed. There are also new additional features, and all Telegram Premium privileges are as follows.

Doubled Limits

One of the most important features restricted to free users has been expanded in Telegram Premium. Premium users have capacity to join 1000 channels. In addition, folders created for groups and channels, this folder limit has now been increased to 20. An free Telegram user can pin maximum 5 channels/chats, but this limit increased 10 for Premium users.

Increased Upload Size and Bandwith

Telegram users know well, free users can upload a maximum of 2GB files. And larger than 2GB are unfortunately not uploaded to Telegram. However, this limit has been doubled for Premium users. Premium users can upload files up to 4GB size. Moreover, upload/download speed limit has been removed for Premium users. Enjoy Premium privilege with unlimited upload and download speeds.

Voice-to-Text Conversion and Ad-Free Experience

And one of the most useful features with Telegram Premium, it’s Voice-to-Text Conversion. With this feature, you don’t need to listen to voice messages sent to you. Voice messages sent are transcribed with AI, so you can continue your messaging without listening to voice message. Also, recently Telegram’s advertisements through sponsors may be bothering you. This work of Telegram on advertisements was already a precursor to Premium. That’s why Premium users will have an ad-free experience. Telegram Premium is attractive because it is ad-free.

Unique Badge and Reactions, Special Stickers and more

Other features are for Premium users to feel completely special. If you are a Premium user, your reactions to messages will be indicated with special animations. In addition, there will be a special badge next to your profile name, so it will be recognized in every group that you are Premium. Moreover, you will be able to use exclusive stickers that will be updated every month with sticker packs special for you.

Special tools for Premium users will also be available in the subscription. For advanced chat management, you will be able to edit the default folder, auto-hide new chats, and auto-archive according to your wishes.

Screenshots from Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium

Credit for Telegram Premium Screenshots: @Ajay_Bhojani

When Will Telegram Premium Meet Users?

Telegram Premium subscription has been under development for last few months and seems ready to meet users, judging by this leaks. However, for now, there is no official announcement from Telegram developers, so we don’t know when Telegram Premium will be available. But we think it will be available soon, stay tuned for developments and more.

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