What is Google Site Kit Plugin? Google Site Kit Use Krne Ke Fayade ?

What is Google Site Kit Plugin? The benefits from the use of Google Site Kit?

Hello , friends! There is new good news for bloggers everywhere who blog, that Google has released a brand new plugin for WordPress users dubbed Google Site Kit Plugin and Google has also stated that it will be beneficial if bloggers utilize this plugin, they will be able to improve their performance. If you choose to use it then you will remove their speed of 70% and performance issue.

What is Google Site Kit Plugin Hello Friends Do you know anything about Google Site Kit’s Plugin? Do you know the name of the function of it or what the advantages of using it? If you don’t then you’re right. But you are

If you’re thinking about it, but at all, because there’s an option in this plugin that will solve the issue of bloggers in an emergency.

Dear readers, Google has created a Best Services Plugin for bloggers for the very first time. It is called Google Site Kit Plugin.

There are no additional services included in this plugin, which is to say that all the information we obtain from other websites are now available all in one place that is, that it will be in WordPress’s admin area. WordPress this plugin, which will reduce our time and will perform efficiently.

Google Site Kit Plugin Interface :-

The interface of the Google Site Kit Plugin with this plugin, you can get the complete traffic information of your website that you were able to access the search console.

In addition you’ll also be aware what content you have receiving more attention and which one is on the top of the list.

Additionally the popularity that you have created will be visible on it.

The most crucial thing is that the speed of your blog will be checked from time moment and you will also be able to determine if you require to visit more to do this.

Google Site Kit Plugin Feature:-
For a website to be successful What information is required by the website owner to be able to check? What Google services can we utilize to do this.

Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is considered as one of the most effective tools for blogs SEO However, if we need to analyse the information of our blog it is necessary to go to its website separately.

It doesn’t have to be completed now instead, we’ll begin doing this in the administration section of WordPress, which means that we won’t have any issues and be able to complete the task easily.

Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is an Google product that lets us evaluate the performance of our blog. However, from now on , we don’t have to visit another website to check this, instead using the Google Site Kit Plugin, we will begin to show in WordPress the blog itself.

Google Analytics ?

Google analytics This way we can get the complete details of the traffic to our blog, including where it coming from, and on what content it is,

Now, we’ll have all of this information from the administrator panel of WordPress it self, which will cut down on time, and will be able to thoroughly analyze.

Google Page Insights ?

By using this, we monitor the performance and speed of our blog. It informs us of the amount of time our blog is open,

For this, we don’t have to keep checking again and again but rather Google will do the checking for us and will inform us every now and then.

How to Install Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress ?
To do this, visit the Plugins section of WordPress and click Add New.

After activating you can go to your WordPress Dashboard, then on the left side , look for an option appears in the name of the kit. On this, you must click.

Click on Start Setup.

After that, you should verify each account individually Be aware that you don’t need to be coding expert or code it is enough to confirm step-by-step Google Adsence account, Google analytics account, and Search Console account.

Then all the information of your website will begin appearing on the WordPress Dashboard so that you don’t have to look to any other place.


So, my dear friends I am sure you’ve learned what is the Google Site Kit plugin and the benefits of Google Site kit plugin, and also how it is able to be integrated into your site, and how to connect to your WordPress website.
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